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Jennifer Succeeded, You Can Too!Unlike many lose weight fast schemes and yo-yo diets, clients who follow the program at the Unique Medical Weight Loss center see significant results that can last a lifetime. Our program is based on scientific and medical studies to ensure our patients lose fat, not muscle.

Most of our patients report feeling great after just a few weeks. Many have previously tried other programs and have seen little or no results or have put weight straight back on. At Unique Medical Weight Loss center we help you avoid “rebound” weight gain as we focus on making changes to patients’ lifestyles. After completing the program, our patients report maintaining their desire to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Patients have also commended Unique Medical Weight Loss for helping them to better understand diet and weight loss including what and how much they should be eating. This education factor is missing in most “lose weight fast” schemes.

Using Unique Medical Weight Loss’s approach to lasting weight loss, participants reach their goals and may even exceed their initial aims, like Mary Beth who lost more weight than she thought attainable, or achieve things they never thought possible, as Jennifer did when she ran a 5k.

Read more about Gail and Gary, MaryBeth and Jennifer’s weight loss success stories, or contact us at our weight loss center and start your own success story today!

Note: As with any weight loss program results vary from individual to individual and these may not be typical. Our weight loss program includes a healthy diet and exercise to produce the best results.

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