MaryBeth Exceeded Her Goal!MaryBeth exceeded her weight loss goal

I have always struggled with my weight. After I had my son I couldn’t shake the extra lbs and I felt like maybe I was just meant to be heavy. Especially as a new mom, it’s really hard to find the time to work out and prepare healthy meals and since I didn’t have a structure or accountability, those were the things that fell to the bottom of the list.

I saw Unique medical weight loss advertised on TV and decided to go in for a consultation. I was amazed at the science behind the program, and was very impressed when Dr. B told me about his own experience with the program and that he had been able to keep off everything he had lost. I had tried several other programs and diets in the past (LA Weight Loss, Atkins) but none of them were exactly right for me.

About 3 weeks into the program, I honestly felt fantastic. What really worked for me was the structure of the program plus the accountability. And of course, the fact that it is medically and scientifically based meant that it really WORKED. Seeing results helped spur me on. Plus, never once did I feel overwhelmed or that it was ‘one more thing to do’ being a new mom with a full time job. It was easy to fit into my routine.

I exceeded my goal weight during my time on the program, and even lost 5 more lbs after I stopped. I have been at the same weight now for a year and a half.

Note: As with any weight loss program results vary from individual to individual and these may not be typical. Our weight loss program includes a healthy diet and exercise to produce the best results.

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