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Fox 19 Business Spotlight Wayne Jung and Dr. James Lutz of UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness discuss effective weight loss programs and UniqueU’s successful approach to lasting weight loss.

Chic Spotlight: WLWT Anchor Lisa Cooney: This local anchor at WLWT used a UniqueU Medical Weightloss program to achieve her first significant weight loss. Learn how she did it and how she’s keeping it off.

Fox 19 Business Spotlight Dr. James Lutz of UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness explains the difference between weight loss and fat loss with Fox 19’s Wayne Jung.

Fox 19 Business Spotlight Dr. Daniel Buchanan of UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness describes UniqueU’s individualized weight loss programs, tailored for the specific needs of each patient with Wayne Jung of Fox 19.


Chic Spotlight: UniqueU’s Dan Buchanan, DC: Read Cincy Chic’s interview with a local weight loss specialist about the two programs that are driving results for his clients.

Cincy Chic hosted its annual fashion show fundraiser for the American Heart Association at Macy’s. Sponsors Unique Medical Weight Loss and Wellness staff: Nicole Mack, Christy Larrison and Cindy Stenger. 

UniquU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness sponsoring American Heart Association Lady in Red event at Macy's

Venue Magazine features UniqueU's 4 phase Weight Loss Program

Venue features UniqueU UniqueU Medical Weight Loss & Wellness was recently featured in ’s Venue Magazine. The article focuses on UniqueU’s 4-phase weight loss program.Read it here

Patricia Stirnkorn interviews Dr. Dan Buchanan on the subject of “Detox Programs.” Find out what the term “detox” really means and how UniqueU incorporates an effective and safe detox into it’s program.

Dr. Dan Buchanan talks about

Detox Programs

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Fox 19 Business Spotlight      Wayne Jung and Dr. Buchanan Discuss the first Phase of UniqueU’s Weight Loss & Wellness program – DeTox. Wayne has started his program and lost weight in the first two weeks!

Fox 19 Business Spotlight –
As Wayne Jung continues his Medical Weight Loss program at UniqueU, he talks with Dr. Buchanan about his progress, and what’s ahead.


Venue Magazine features UniqueU's 4 phase Weight Loss Program

Improving Health through Weight Loss and Wellness – Venue Magazine article featuring Drs. Buchanan and Lutz and UniqueU’s outreach into the community as Certified Corporate Wellness Providers. Read the article here.

Cincy Chic Checked Us Out! –
Cincy Chic’s Amy Scalia knows us, and trusts us to provide services with proper medical supervision. She recently tried our new Laser Hair Reduction service. Read about her experience .

 Cincy Chic checks out our Laser Hair Removal Service
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